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Coast of Peru
4 Days — 3 Nights

Coast of Peru

Day 1: Lima - Ica + Huacachina

You will be picked up from either the airport or hotel to go to the bus station in Lima, in order to depart to Ica. We will then take you to the hotel, where you will have lunch. You will be picked up to start the Ica city tour and visit the most important attractions the city has, as well as its famous vineyards. Ica is known for its production of Pisco, an award-winning brandy, and of prime quality wines; you will be able to observe the distillation process of both artisanal and industrial wineries. Then we will visit the Huacachina lagoon, which is surrounded by dunes and palm trees. After a brief explanation about the history that surrounds this oasis, we will enjoy a ride in tubular cars (dune buggy) over the Iqueño desert. During this time you can practice the sand sport known as “sandboarding” or just simply appreciate the beautiful sunset. Finally, we will return to the hotel for dinner. Overnight in Ica

Day 2: Cañon de los Perdidos

After breakfast you will be picked up from the hotel to go on a bus trip, crossing the vast desert and its enormous dunes. We will arrive at this beautiful area, a higher ground from where we will be able to see the jagged Canyon of the Lost and the spring of the Ica River. 

The Canyon of the Lost (Cañon de los Perdidos) is a large cavity in the middle of a vast and arid desert in the Santiago District. Inside we can travel through different levels to reach its “wishing well.” Also inside the Cañón de los Perdidos we will see impressive formations, as well as the old Ica River. If you love the adventure you can throw yourself into it and refresh yourself (we recommend you be careful when doing this), then return to Ica. After lunch and rest, the afternoon will be free. In the evening you will have dinner around a bonfire in the hotel facilities. Overnight in Ica

Day 3: Paracas

Right after breakfast – and very early in the morning – we will depart to Paracas and leave your luggage at the hotel. Then we will go to Paracas’ boulevard for the tour to the Ballestas Islands by boat, which takes about two hours. During this trip you can see the figure of the Candelabra, of which there are many theories of who made them and why they have not been erased over the years. We’ll then continue to the islands where we will see Humboldt penguins, sea lions and many varieties of birds – and with a bit of luck you’ll even get a glimpse of the dolphins! Then we will visit the Chaco Boulevard so you can see their local handicrafts.

Around noon we will approach our bus to begin the excursion to the impressive Coastal Desert of the National Reserve of Paracas. We will visit the interpretation center of the reserve, which offers interesting images and photos showing all the life and fauna that exists in it. We will also take a tour of the Paracas Peninsula, observing the reddish-yellow desert formations made by the winds and visiting its beautiful beaches, such as Yumaque, Red Beach and Lagunillas. There you will have free time to cool off in the sand or hiking around the beach in search of photos. Afterwards we will have lunch, followed by our return to the hotel. Free afternoon to enjoy the hotel facilities. Overnight in Paracas

Day 4: Buggies and Sandboarding

After breakfast you will be picked up to leave for the desert of Paracas. There we will board our buggy vehicle, and after about 20 minutes we will arrive to the desert area. Here we will find a series of large and small dunes which our buggy car will go up and down – an adrenaline-packed activity that at the same time will make stops in the dunes and offer the right conditions for the practice of sandboarding, both for beginners and also for professional athletes. Our driver and guide will teach us in a safe way how to practice this sport so that any participants can fully enjoy the ride. There will also be the opportunity to simply appreciate the desert landscape as we will stop to take pictures. Finally, we will return to your respective hotel to have lunch there, and in the afternoon we will be transferred to the bus station to return to Lima.

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