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You can’t rush perfection. So why rush a perfect trip? Enjoy all that our country has to offer with our top quality services, fully tailored to make your stay an unforgettable one.

Your enjoyment is our top priority

Forget the frenzied pace of standard tour packages. Peruvian Wonders provides you with flexible, fully customizable guided tours that place your satisfaction above all. Unlike other companies, we give you the liberty to plan your unique journey to Peru as you see fit.

What makes us different?

Custom Itineraries

With Peruvian Wonders, you’re in control. This is your trip - it’s only fitting that you get to pick which places to visit.

Based in Your Interests

Want to immerse yourself in the traditional culture? Brave the Incan ruins? Discover the best of Peruvian cuisine? Our services adapt to match your interests.

Complete Service

Leave all that booking hassle to us! We will personally take care of all the necessary reservations, always at the absolutely best prices.

Quality Over Quantity

We want you to make the most out of each location you visit. There’s no need to rush from one place to another with us

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