Our tours cover the breathtaking locations that make Peru such a popular destination. From ancient ruins to salt mines and oases — if there is a place you want to visit, it is probably featured on this list.

Huacachina — oasis surrounded by gargantuan dunes
Ica — Peru


Just outside the city of Ica is a small oasis surrounded by gargantuan dunes. This oasis, known as Huacachina, attracts tens of thousands of tourists each year; this small lagoon in the desert is home to several hotels and guest houses. Given its oasis, unique in all of South America, and its location at the edge of the desert, Huacachina is a popular venue for those visitors who want to relax by the natural beauty of the lagoon as well as for those who love the adventure of riding dune buggies and sandboarding the immense

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