Our tours cover the breathtaking locations that make Peru such a popular destination. From ancient ruins to salt mines and oases — if there is a place you want to visit, it is probably featured on this list.

Lake Titicaca — the largest lake in South America
Puno — Peru

Lake Titicaca

Titicaca is famous worldwide for being the largest lake in all of South America, as well as the highest navigable body of water (3,812 m surface elevation) for large, commercial ships. Lake Titicaca is also split by the Peru-Bolivia border, with Bolivia’s de facto capital, La Paz, being only sixty kilometers away from the lake. The lake is also home to many exotic species of fauna and flora, including the huge Titicaca water frog.

But besides its natural characteristics, Titicaca also boasts of a number of unique islands and archipelagos - both natural and man-made. Among them are the “floating islands” of Uros made out of golden reeds, as well as the natural islands of Amantani and Taquile. These islands maintain a strong connection to the ancestral legacy of the Andean people, and as such they are remarkable hotspots for visitors who take a deep interest in the cultural heritage of this region.

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